Airtel Talktime Share: To Share your Prepaid Balance with Friends

Airtel Talktime Share is a free Service to share your Prepaid Mobile Balance with your Friends and Family. By using this Service you can Gift Balances to your Friends without paying any extra charges.

How to Use Airtel Talktime Share?

Using this service is very simple, you have to dial *141# on your Airtel Prepaid Mobile Phone and then after have to follow the instructions.

  • Dial *141# on your Airtel Prepaid Mobile.
  • Airtel will Send you Menu Options.
  • Choose #1 Option.
  • Now Submit the Amount to Share and Airtel Mobile Number on which you want to send this Gifting Amount.
  • Done!

Airtel Talktime Share Terms & Conditions:

  • You can share your balance only on Airtel Mobile Numbers.
  • Minimum sharing Amount is Rs.5.
  • You must have minimum Rs.16 balance to use this Service.

GPS Mobile Survey System – Wonderful Tracking Tool

Today i have a great mobile tool for you. I am discussing about GPS Mobile Survey System. It is a powerful tracking system and is very easy to use. Once the device is set up you can track it any time from everywhere in the world. You just need a cell phone, This tracking device and a membership to GPS Mobile Survey. Basically this system can be employed for these three works.

  • Gps Mobile Survey is a wondeful solution to secure your car or your motobike. Sleep well when the Parking mode is engaged. You will be warned as soon as the vehicle moves.
  • Secure your boat with Gps Mobile Survey. You will be alerted if the anchor slips or the mooring line gets cut.
  • Your grandma uses to lose her way back home. Find her back with Gps Mobile Survey.

It mean that this is really a very useful system. You just need a cell phone, This tracking device and a membership to GPS Mobile Survey to keep your vehicles watched or your beloved relatives monitored. Then you can check the position from any computer linked to internet or from your cellphone browser.

The tracking device is very small and light. It includes one GPS to get exact position on earth and a cell phone to send and receive information to/from the GPS Mobile Survey System. The GPS is very powerful and accurate and the tracking device does not need any external antenna. The device can be hidden anywhere in a vehicle, kept in a bag or in a pocket. Used in a vehicle it gets his power from the vehicle battery.

The GSM tri-band cell phone built in the tracking device just needs a standard SIM card and a GSM network signal. It sends and receives SMS to acknowledge a request, give its position or give alert information. Once device and application are set up, using GPS Mobile Survey system is very easy. Log in on the GPS Mobile Survey website and enjoy the different functions:

Get the latest position of your tracker(s) on a map. Background can be a vector roads map, a picture from satellite or both. You have also the list of your devices. Click on one to see his exact position. An info window will also open giving you more details. In one time you can see the status of your different devices: white color for moving devices, green color for devices in parking mode and red color for devices in alarm mode.

Get the list of the way points of one device from date to date on the map. Background can be a vector roads map, a picture from satellite or both. The list give you the positions recorded for the choosen device ordered by date and time. Click on one to see the position on the map. An info window will also open giving you more details. In one time you can see the status recorded: white color while moving, green color while in parking mode and red color while in alarm mode.

I have no information about pricing and availability, You can visit GPS Mobile Survey to learn more about it.

Verizon Cellphone Updating Method To Improve Cellular Connections

For Those who wants to update a cell phone, there is a quick and easy what to do it. Unfortunately, you can only update only few Cellphones like, Verizon cell phones. Most of services do not support the same update features. Verizon Cellular phones can update their roaming capabilities and their programmed towers.

Update is also suggested by some tech experts because updating a verizon cell phone can significantly improve cellular connections. You get fewer dropped calls, better service, more bars. If you want to update your Verizon cell phone service, you should take a look to steps below.

Follow These Three Steps For performing Update:

  • Step 1: Take out your cell phone. Dial *228 and hit send. It will say activation. Then someone will talk and say if you want to update your roaming capabilities, press 2. Press 2 to update programming. It will take two or three minutes to update. It should beep when finished. Afterwards, you have to hit okay which will turn your phone off and restart it. Then, your phone should be updated.

  • Step 2: If you have a problems, call 611 for Verizon customer service.
  • Step 3: If you are first activating the phone, you can press 1. If you are changing phones, you can press 3.

After these three steps your Verizon Cellphone will be update. This will increase you Cellphone connection properties. Please try this at your own risk, we are not responsible for any failure or damage. Contact Verizon customer care for more informations.

iPlayer 3.0 for Nokia phones From BBC

The Most latest news from BBC is that, The BBC has begun to roll out the latest version of iPlayer, its on-demand and live TV system, for selected S60 3rd and 5th Edition Nokia phones. The new version, 3.0, moves away from its stand-alone widget origins to become a simple widget shortcut, which opens the browser and loads the BBC iPlayer mobile website. However, the core functionality on offer: live streaming, catch-up streaming and download for TV and radio remain the same. Screens and more below.

You can access the latest version by going to, or opening the iPlayer widget on the phone, where you will be prompted to download the latest version. As in previous versions, content can be accessed via the channels listing, via categories or via search. When listening to a radio program or watching a TV program, the Realplayer application is automatically launched and used to play back the streaming media.

All content can be streamed and, where the digital rights are available, it can also be downloaded for later playback. If you’re a 3 or Vodafone contract customer you can stream over a 3G connection. Others are obliged to use a WiFi connection. Aside from a smoother look and style, the mobile web version of iPlayer adds an additional tab, ‘Favourites’, which can be used to access a list of content of user specified content (via an ‘add to favourites’ link) or recently played content.

Live TV is now fully integrated into the channel listings and gives access to shows that are currently being broadcast (generally with a delay of around 10 seconds). The move away from a standalone widget is a shame, as the latter offered a more contained experience and better support for multi-tasking. However, the BBC does deserves credit for continuing to maintain an excellent on-demand mobile service. With the move to a mobile web version, it would be good to see them extend the range of supported devices (e.g. to the popular E72) – something which should be trivial given the platform similarities. Stay Connected for more updates.

Fastest Symbian Smartphone On The Earth

Did you know, HyperX and his team have been pumping out various Samsung i8910 HD ‘alternative’ firmware updates for many months now. And now ‘HX6-Speed‘, released today in ‘Public beta’ form, effectively gives you the fastest Symbian touchscreen experience available – at least until the Nokia N8 arrives to challenge. There’s a feature summary below, plus links and other comments.

Summary of the changes you need to know about (from the HX 4 and 5 firmwares):

  • Integrated Dictonary
  • NO kinetic-scrolling in app menus (on purpose – this significantly slows down the speed of response and also wastes power)
  • Improved battery managment (so expect longer battery life, despite the ‘speed’ moniker)
  • NO Samsung Touchwiz widget homescreen (it’s just wasteful of resources)
  • Kastor transitions included but OFF by default
  • New JPG codec for better photo quality
  • New ‘turbo’ app, with an “Eco-mode”
  • Free space on disk C: now 109MB (the official latest firmware has only 18MB free!)
  • Flashing HX6-Speed involves downloading the firmware .RAR file onto a Windows XP PC (preferably a real one), unpacking it and running it. The i8910 HD has to be placed in bootloader mode and you will lose everything on both C: and E: – so make sure you back up first. Instructions are here.

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Google Voice: Free Phone Call Routing And Voice Mail Service

Google Voice is a free phone call routing and voice mail service. The service provides you with a phone number and you can configure which phones receive calls made to that phone number. You can transfer your existing phone number to the service, making the transition to the service transparent, or you can provide the Google Voice number for people to call. I have been providing my Google Voice number to those who need it instead of my cell phone number, and have Google Voice routing calls to the two mobile phones that I carry. If I decide to leave one of those phones at home, I am assured that I will still receive calls.

Google Voice provides an inbox for voice mail and SMS messages. When it receives a voice mail it will perform a speech-to-text translation and mail the result to you to provide a preview of the message. The translation is not perfect, but I find it good enough to get the general point of the message.

You can use the service to send SMS messages via the Interent, saving in text messaging costs, for those who have limited text messaging plans. One limitation is that Google Voice cannot receive picture or video messages (MMS). If you have an Android phone you can install the Google Voice Android app, which enables you to access your Google Voice inbox and send and receive text messages. The client provides notifications for when new voice mail or text messages are received.

Google Voice is not like Skype and does not provide free local calls within the United States, however you can configure the Google Voice Android app to initiate phone calls that send your Google Voice number as the caller ID. The one similarity with Skype is that you can use Google Voice to make international phone calls at a lower cost.

I find Google Voice to be a very useful service. It provices a tremendous amount of flexibility for handling inbound phone calls, and I find the ability to send and receive text messages from a desktop web browser or a phone to be very handy. Sending text messages and intiiating calls with the Google Voice Android app does require that the phone have an Internet connection, so I recommend configuring the app to prompt you for whether to use Google Voice or your cell phone to make phone calls. Now that anyone can create their own accounts, I would expect to see an increase in the number of phone numbers that Google will give out, so if there is a particular number you want (the numbers can have a different area code than the one you live in), you may want to sign up for the service right away. I hope you have enjoyed this post if you want to learn something more about Google Voice service kindly follow the Google Mobile Link below.

[Source: Google Mobile Blog]

Train Schedules On Google Maps for Android Phones

Google Maps are very popular on mobile phones for finding the road directions while travelling outdoors. But now Google has launched a new version of Google Maps App for Android phones say “Google Maps 4.3″. Google Maps 4.3 now shows a snapshot of review information for local restaurants and other places as part of the search results page.

Google analyzes the overall positive or negative comments users are leaving about a place and graphs the results as a sort of meta-review. In addition, Google Maps results for public transit stations now offers upcoming schedules for trains, subways and buses. Finally, Google has made it easier to share location information from its Google Latitude service with contacts in your Google contact list. The new Google Maps app is available for phones running Android 1.6 or better. It is a free download from the App Market. For more or detailed information please visit source link below.

[Source : Google Mobile Blog]

Adobe Flash 10.1 works with Android OS 2.2 (Nexus One only)

Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android is now available as a production release (not beta). But, unfortunately it only works on Android devices running Android OS 2.2. That includes, the Nexus One. That’s it! One device model. Even Android phones released after the Nexus One are based on Android OS 2.1. So, the owners of those shiny new devices can’t install Flash 10.1. It it a big issue for those who wants to update their Flash Version but can’t due to this problem.

This is a huge problem because, Why? Google provides a YouTube viewer. Many sites are converting their Flash content to HTML5. And, blocks mobile devices. So, why exactly do I need Flash on my Android phone? Besides, again, if you don’t have a Nexus One, you can’t use Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android anyway.

Multi-core Processors Technology in Mobile Phones

Multi-Core Processors for mobile phones is seems to be a future technology. I believe, it not so long ago that state of the art for processors in portable devices was the 206 MHz Intel StrongARM processor. While you can find mobile phones today with processor speeds ranging from 300 Mhz to 600 Mhz, and the newest Android phones have processor speeds at 1 GHz. When you think about it in terms of battery life and heat dissipation, the processor speeds in today’s mobile phones are astounding.

Ed Hansberry writes that we haven’t seen anything yet, as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are both working on multi-core processors for mobile phones. What I find most interesting in Ed’s excellent article is that the reason for the switch to multi-core may be to extend battery life rather than increased processing power. so its about increasing battery life not about Processing Power. Other great advantages are that, Multi-core chips have less circuitry, making them more power efficient, and the operating system can be optimized to turn one of the cores off when it is not needed.

But I think something pretty obvious from Ed’s article, is that ‘the innovation in computer engineering today is focusing on mobile devices, and as the industry as a whole puts more focus on mobile’ I think we are going to see even greater things. There is a reason, after all, why Apple has decided to design their own processors. Don’t worry it will be takes to long, After all it is a future mobiles technology.

Samsung S3500 – Features, Specification, Price

Samsung S3500 is Bar phone from Samsung mobiles. S3500 have all the features which a multimedia phone should have it also has some business features. The MRP of this phone is Rs.6949 ($154) but now you can get this one for $88 (Rs. 3999). This phone have bunch of features, and the specification is also very good for any individual.

Features and specification of Samsung S3500 :-:

  • Camera- 2 MP with Panoramic Shot
  • Bluetooth
  • A2DP
  • FM Radio
  • FM Recording
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • Slider (Form Factor)
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 16 Million Colors Display
  • Call Records
  • Polyphonic & MP3 Ringtones
  • Network: GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
  • Games
  • Java Tech
  • USB cable connection
  • JAVA Operating System
  • Speaker Phone
  • Head-set
  • WAP
  • E-mail
  • 800 mAh Battery
  • Up to 250 hrs Standby time
  • 2.2 inches Display Size
  • 1000 Phone Book capacity

Although Samsung S3500 has all the feature of a low cost business mobile should have but it is not yet recognized as the business phone. All-mobile-stuffs is giving 8.5 Points to this mobile phone.